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If you work at a Report Source please send an email to to request a Soft Launch readiness visit or webinar. If you do not work at a Report Source, please contact your Report Source to inquire about their Soft Launch testing plans.
Contact your assigned Employer Services Representative if you need assistance during testing.

Employer Readiness Environment

Client Identification Number is a unique ID (similar to tax ID) assigned to each CalSTRS account holder.
CalSTRS will implement two maintenance releases during the testing period. Each release will introduce new functionality to the Employer Readiness Environment. The timing of the releases will be communicated through the message board on the Employer Support Portal. Release notes, which provide information on the new functionality, will also accompany each Maintenance Release.
The current version and one prior version of the following web browsers are compatible with the Employer Readiness Environment.
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox

Employer Readiness Environment Roles

No, there are no limitations on the number of System Administrators that can be established in the system per employer.
There are eight system roles in the Employer Readiness Environment, referred to as contact types. Information on the role permissions can be found on the Employer Support Portal in the Managing Employer Contacts job aid.
System administrators can create new users and assign roles/permissions per user. There are limitations to roles/permissions they can assign based on reporting responsibilities. Detailed information about the System Administrators responsibilities can be found on the Employer Support Portal in the Employer Contact Types job aid.


Computer based training modules on system functionality are available on the Employer Support Portal in the Pension Administration Learning Management System. Additionally, to learn about the testing requirements, navigation tips and how to get support during testing, Report Source staff can request a Soft Launch readiness visit or webinar by sending an email to