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Contact  if you are ready to participate in the New File Format upload activity.   
For testing support, contact

Contact your system administrator for assistance with resetting your password. If you do not know your system administrator, contact

Employer Readiness Environment

The current version and one prior version of the following web browsers are compatible with the Employer Readiness Environment.

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
Yes, however in the new Employer Readiness Environment there is no way to distinguish partial files from normal contribution files for the designated reporting period. You can delete any uploaded file that has not been submitted.

No, there are no limitations on the number of system administrators that can be established in the system per employer.

No, you cannot delete system users, however, you can inactivate them.

The New Secure Employer Website

Yes, current SEW users will be converted over the new SEW and will receive an email to initiate registration. 

No, if you go-live with New File Format, you will not be able to go back to reporting using the Old File Format.

Yes, the Employer Readiness Environment will be available for employers to test New File Format after the new SEW goes live and during the New File Format waiver time period.  

No, the business rules in the new SEW were updated to minimize the number of warnings. This change is expected to significantly reduce the number of records employers will have to suppress or approve.

The New File Format waiver allows a report source to continue submitting the old file format for up to 2 years following the new SEW implementation with a renewal required every 6 months. The waiver will collect general information including employer contact and reason for request and will be available for submittal to CalSTRS a couple months before the new SEW go live.

No, the schedule extension does not impact the waiver period.


Computer based training modules on system functionality are available on the Employer Support Portal in the Pension Administration Learning Management System. Additionally, to learn about the testing requirements, navigation tips and how to get support during testing, Report Source staff can request a Soft Launch readiness visit or webinar by sending an email to